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Give me a “Squiggly” get a tee shirt

It’s easy, just find and send me a video or link to a video of Hillary Clinton doing the Wal-Mart cheer. She worked there for six years and knowing how much the cheer means to Wal-Mart and that Hillary was a loyal company woman one has to exist. I assume at some point Hillary did the cheer. For the money Wal-Mart was paying her it seems like the least she could do.

You can send it to walqaeda@gmail.com. Only one shirt will be given away to the first person/entity that can find the video. According to the ABC story they have archive video of the board meetings that Hillary attended so they may already have one.

About the Cheer

The Wal-Mart cheer started after Sam Walton saw a group of workers do a company cheer and calisthenics at a tennis ball factory in near Seoul Korea.

The cheer goes something like this, but may vary from location to location...

"Give me a W,  Give me an A,  Give me an L,"

"Give me a squiggly!"
(at this point the people doing the cheer wiggle around, kind of like having grand mal seizure while standing up)

"Give me an M,  Give me an A,  Give me an R,  Give me a T,"

"What's that spell? Wal-Mart"

"Whose Wal-Mart is it? It's my Wal-Mart.""

"Who's number one? The customer! Always."


I have witnessed Wal-Mart workers doing the cheer before and it seemed like a pretty lame thing to make people to do. I wonder if an employee that refuse to do it gets fired.


 If you would like to see it for yourself there are many videos of it at youtube.com you can judge for yourself.

“… I was coerced into doing the Wal Mart cheer in Cartersville, GA. I still have nightmares.” – message posted by dunby , youtube subscriber.


I think Wal-Mart "Associates" would feel better about doing the cheer if they knew that Hillary Clinton cheered along with them. That's why I'm asking for your help finding the lost Hillary Wal-Mart cheer video by adding this banner and link to your web page... You know she did it.


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